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About Silver Crest

Silver Crest is a leading provider of financial solutions, with a global presence in various important financial and trading centres. Silver Crest is a customer-driven provider focused on optimising performance and supporting individual and business growth by developing tailor-made trade finance solutions that provide accelerated and extended credits. The Bank is at the forefront of introducing and developing innovative finance techniques in emerging markets.

Our strategy is focused on improving the financial wellbeing of our customers; having the right people who listen, learn and adapt; putting the best tools and insights into their hands; and focusing on those few things that really add value to customers and doing them right the first time.

We believe that the execution of our strategy will deliver decent returns for our shareholders, while achieving a balance between growth and return, short and long-term performance and financial and social impact.

While our focus has evolved over the past four years, the strategicimperatives remain the same: creating a simpler, better balanced bank; focusing our efforts where we can carve out a winning position; building a superior everyday experience to compete in the digital age; and driving a purpose and values led transformation.

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Our values are essential qualities and beliefs we seek to inspire within those who work at Silver Crest. They serve as the core which underpins our business activities, guiding our actions and behaviour. These are the pinnacle of our philosophy and principles that maintain Silver Crest’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with its customers, partners, and shareholders.